Finn-Power Prima Power LP6 Punch/Laser Combo

CMS Purchases the Combi

Technology Meets Efficiency

As part of our continuous improvements to better support our customers, CMS has purchased a Finn-Power Prima Power LP6 Punch/Laser Combo. The Finn-Power LP laser/punch combination represents proven technology and intelligent integration of punching, forming, marking, laser cutting and even bending in a single unit for the most varied sheet metal operations. Optimum use means that a fabricator can use the turret punch press where it is easier or faster and the laser where it is the most effective. The LP allows the user to examine the parts to determine the best process for every production run increasing accuracy and minimizing set up times.

Other benefits of the LP6 include:

  • Higher productivity due to versatility of “four-in-one” and reduction of plant floor space
  • High tool capacity allows for fast setup and less wait time
  • Programming costs are reduced as the LP6 uses only one NC program
  • 500mm x 500 mm work chute for punched components is provided and drop doors for laser cut components up to 500 mm x 500 mm
  • Programmed with automatic laser scrap sorting
  • Reduction of piece part costs – faster punching time, reduction in labor to set up and punch, and reduction of number of manual operations
  • Ability to utilize full sheets while eliminating the need to shear to size blanks being processed
  • Increased machine utilization – load, punch, form, laser cut, unload, and sorting of parts can be achieved on the same machine

Finn-Power incorporates an individual tool holder concept that allows CMS to design our own turret layouts. Unlike other designs, specific tool stations are not machined into the turret and up to 10 auto-index, forming, or Multi-Tool stations may be installed. Finn-Power’s auto-index system rotates the punch and die in their tool holders. Rotation in .001º programmable increments gives the machine the ability to rotate beyond 360º, thus allowing the system to automatically select the shortest path to rotate to a programmed angle input into the NC part program with simplicity, speed, and reliability.

The Multi-Tool stations increase the number of tools available in a turret, reducing set-up and increasing productivity. The Multi-Tool offers 6, 8, 10, or 24 different punch/die combinations in only one station – a turret within a turret. Finn-Power’s upward forming option provides more accurate forming and greater forming heights up to 16 mm (.63 in.) and 5 in. in diameter. Another advantage is that all dies are at the same height and there are more high forming dies in the turret, reducing risk of material damage and increasing machine uptime.

The Finn-Power loading/unloading and stacking robot (LSR) is a material and part handling robot that can be integrated into the LP6 laser punch. The LSR loads sheets to the laser punch and stacks finished work pieces onto stacking pallets. The LSR gripper has 24 suction areas, each of which can be controlled separately. In the programming system, vacuum areas are selected, and vacuum area values are automatically generated to the LP6 laser punch and the LSR robot. The result is a combination machine that significantly increases the speed of our production allowing us to provide higher volume demands of our customers.

The Finn-Power LP6 has opened new doors and markets to CMS. “Automation is the key to our future and we see additional benefits every day,” says William Bowen, General Manager. “While we are a small business, our customers appreciate our commitment to quality, growth, and meeting their needs. When they see the LP6, we strengthen our credibility and gain visibility in our markets.”

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