The SaFE-D, Secure and Flexible Ergonomic Dispenser,
provides schools, colleges and universities, businesses, etc.
with an adaptable and cost-effective solution for dispensing
a wide variety of sanitary products and more.


  1. Difficult For Unauthorized Personnel To Access
  2. Tamper Resistant Security Screws
  3. Firmly Fastens To Structures With Multiple Mounting Points
  4. Optional Heavy Duty Floor Stand


  1. Accommodates Multiple Sanitary Product
  2. Securely Hold Sanitizing Wipes Canisters From 4” – 8”
    In Diameter
  3. Special Adapters Available For Gallon Buckets
  4. Medical Gloves In < 10” Long Box
  5. Disposable Masks
  6. Hand Sanitizer Pump Bottles
  7. Optional Bracket For Inverted Mounting Of Soaps,
    Gels, Liquids, etc.
  8. Custom Adapters Can Be Made To Fit Your Products

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