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Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication and Electronics Assembly Specialists

CMS and ERM are full service sheet metal fabricators that ALSO offer the unique capability of turnkey electro-mechanical assembly. Our electro-mechanical assembly team offers many custom solutions and can assist in any way, big or small, to help you achieve your productions’ goals. Let us fabricate your sheet metal enclosures AND include the wiring harnesses and sub-assemblies. By having us as your partner, we can help you reduce your purchased part number count, deliver just-in-time, and have a one-stop source.

Our capabilities include cutting and stripping wires and cables, terminal installation with AMP and Panduit terminal installation presses or hand tools, through-hole printed circuit board assembly and wave soldering, hand-soldered assemblies and mechanical assembly. Our facilities produce products for a host of companies across a diverse array of industries including: medical, industrial flow control, military, motion control, outdoor power equipment, commercial and home appliance, electric power, mining, fitness equipment, computers/servers and many more.

How can we help you? We can make your sheet metal components, make the wiring and cable assemblies, make or buy the circuit board assemblies, and put it all together, as simple or complex as you wish.

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