Powder Paint Coating

At CMS/ERM, we understand that no fabrication is complete without a superior protective coating. We offer the latest in powder coating and wet spray coating technologies, so our customers are provided with the peace of mind that the parts we fabricate for them will last. From low volume and prototype runs to high productions runs, we understand that our coatings are not only required to last, but the appearance must match in color, gloss and texture across, at times, multiple lots and part numbers.

Here at CMS/ERM we offer batch and automated paint systems with the same pre-treatment and coating capabilities. This offers the best solutions for our customers with the added benefit of redundancy between our locations. With the latest in pre-treatment and preparation through our new 5 stage wash system, followed by a state-of-the-art application system, customers are guaranteed the best in condensation, corrosion and abrasion resistance. We work with all major suppliers of powder and wet spray coatings. No matter what your paint call out, we offer the flexibility of using the paint specified by our customer or will use our experience to help find the best coating for the application.


Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied via dry powder. Unlike conventional liquid paint, which is delivered by an evaporating solvent, powder paint coating is typically applied electrostatically and then cured under heat.

There are several formulations for powder applications varying in price and performance. For example, Epoxies and Hybrids are good products for indoor applications while Polyurethane and Polyester perform well in outdoor applications. CMS can help guide you in the right direction.

CMS can coat Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum. This can be in the form of a fabricated part, enclosure, assembly or a casting.

Powder paint coating can be as much as ten-times (10X) more durable than ordinary paint. Powder coating provides a very durable finish and contains none of the toxic solvents or byproducts of liquid paints. Powder coating can also provide a final product that is highly resistant to most chemicals, brake fluid, acids and salt.

Yes, and in some cases, it looks even better. Powder paints are available in many forms of finish: smooth, fine, medium and coarse texture with varying glosses, just like wet paints. However, in many cases wet paint requires multiple coats to achieve what powder will provide in one coat.

All of our powders are bought to order. It would be impossible for us to predict which of the thousands of colors available would be requested next. However, we do stock many colors for our current customers that could possibly meet your needs.

We have successfully matched many colors using our partners in powder. Suppliers such as Sherwin Williams, TCI, Cardinal, and Axalta offer many standard and custom colors as well as clear coats. Just tell us your need, and we will put our expertise to work for you.

We offer a full line of masking materials. Companies such as Shercon make a full line of tapes, foils, plugs, and caps to ensure that specific areas and hardware remain paint free. Since powder requires temperatures up to 400 degrees F to cure, the masking materials have to withstand those high temperatures as well.

No, applying a coating over an imperfection will simply give the imperfection a nice finish and color. The imperfection will show through the paint. Scratches, grind marks, weld splatter, chips, dimples, etc. need to be addressed prior to the coating if you do not want to see them on the finished product. CMS can work with your team to define your expectations and minimize imperfections.

There are a lot of factors involved, including the condition and size of the item, the color, or any special textures or masking that you may require. Therefore, it is a difficult question to answer. It is like asking “how much does it cost to build a house.” We need to understand your expectations completely, so please send your request to quotes@cmserm.com or sales@cmserm.com, and our sales and quoting team can provide a price.

Yes we can! Our automated powder coating line has a 5-stage Zirconium-based wash line paired with a Nordson Quick-Change Colormax booth. The booth allows for colors to be changed quickly (less than 15 minutes), so we can handle both small and large runs of parts.

CMS can paint any part, casting or assembly that will fit through a 3’H x 5’W x 9’L opening and weighs less than 250 lbs. on our automated powder coat line. However, our sister company, Pemco, offers a manual powder coat booth for larger parts and assemblies. Again, please contact us with your specific powder coating needs.

Powder Paint Coating

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