The SPOTTOPS is a free-standing, mobile, cost-effective solution that provides individuals at schools, colleges and universities, businesses, healthcare facilities, etc. with a highly adaptable protected personal space. SPOTTOPS’ unique design provides densification and is ideal for classrooms, reception areas, exchange windows, conference rooms, cafeterias, security checkpoints, wellness stations, waiting areas, dorm study areas, libraries and so much more.


  1. Multi-Angle Protection
  2. Hinged Side Wings
  3. Protects the Individual—Students, Teachers,
    Professors, Healthcare Workers, and other
  4. Multi-Unit Configurations can densify and protect
    large areas
  5. Torque Hinges keep Side Wings in place
  6. 255 Degrees of Pivot
  7. Handicap Accessible
  8. Standing or Seated Use for all Height Ranges
  9. Lockable Caster Wheels for Mobility

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